Anthology News!

A new horror tale by me arrives later this year, as part of an anthology...

Anthology News!

A new horror tale by me arrives later this year, as part of an anthology...

A New Horror Short Story by Me

Hi all, it's time for some of the news I can actually share! (More news hopefully in the near future.)

I am thrilled to announce I have a short story in the upcoming anthology, Tales of Sley House 2024! My included short story “Protista” is a coastal horror story. The anthology arrives just before Halloween! It will be published by Sley House Publishing.

"Protista"- What is That??

The title of my new short story, "Protista", refers to the classical kingdom of organisms by the same name, the protists. And there's a big hint in the image above for which type of protist I'm talking about. In fact, I wrote about kelp as a protist elsewhere, in this science article a few years ago, "Does Kelp Have Many Different Kinds of Cells?" if you'd like to read more about kelp. More recently, kelp has been subcategorized as "Chromista" but for this story I liked the sound of "Protista" better.

What is the Story About?

This is a dark, seaside tale about a woman who encounters something strange, and then finds herself directly affected. Vague? Yes. Because I don't want to spoil the story! But it is VERY disturbing.

What Inspired the Story?

I have a fascination with kelp forests, which are abundant along the California coast. They are vibrant ecosystems, home to many creatures. (I particularly adore watching videos of seals and otters cavorting around or in kelp forests.) I made the header image with my own photo of a kelp forest in an aquarium in Long Beach.

As for the setting, I was inspired by the giant rock, or morro, at Morro Bay, a place I love a great deal.

It's rather twisted that I would take a place I love and make it the setting for horror. Such is the life of a horror writer! "This place is so charming. LET'S MAKE IT TERRIFYING!" Maybe it's my way of trying to keep the place all to myself. LOL!

I love coastal stories, particularly uncanny ones, and this is just another I have written. Some are in THE SHADOW GALAXY collection by me as J. Dianne Dotson (including ghost pirates!) and one is published by Seaside Gothic Issue 8 (magical realism in "A Swirl of Leaves and Sand").

While I grew up in East Tennessee, I've been long enthralled by the sea. I spent a fair chunk of summers along the Carolinas and Virginia coasts. Then I moved West, and came to know Puget Sound in Washington State, before moving to Southern California. I briefly lived in the Bay Area. And everywhere there's a sea, I am drawn to it. Now I am writing more stories related to it.

Here's an old souvenir mug that, eerily, I'm drinking out of RIGHT NOW, from Morro Bay.

I may be a mountain girl, but I'm also a seaside fan.

I can't wait to share my story with all of you later this year!

Write on!