Book Discount, Writing Updates, and More

Book Discount, Writing Updates, and More
Jendia Gammon at a table with her laptop and a new orchid.

Oh, optimism! You trickster! I'm falling for it again. But it's all for a good reason. Anyway, let me dig into why I'm feeling positive about things, and other news.

Book Discount

First things first, I want you to know that WHEREVER you buy my books, that's your choice and of course I support that, and as I'm sure you've noticed, I also support indie bookshops. That being said, I like passing along a good deal. And right now, THE SHADOW GALAXY (under my alt pen name J. Dianne Dotson) is a steal in paperback at just over $5. For the price of a latte, you get transported to other realms filled with portal fantasy, ghost pirates, space opera, robot romance, Appalachian magical realism, cosmic horror, gothic horror, adventures, and even some poetry!

The Shadow Galaxy: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry

"A sharply entertaining collection spanning all corners of the genre, filled with horrors and wonders and acutely human moments."

—Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of Children of Memory

Buy Here

Writing Updates

I've had a couple of calls with my agent this week and last. We're hitting the ground running with my manuscripts now that publishing is open after the holidays.

Currently, I have two books on submission ("on sub") and a third going out next month. These are:
Dragon Fantasy
Speculative Thriller
Campy Horror

Waiting is hard to do, but the ultimate reward for it would be getting a book deal, which means more words for you! I plan to write all current and future stories under Jendia Gammon as I move into a different phase of my writing career.

Regarding what I'm writing now, I'm working on a space opera and a couple of other quite different manuscripts. As well as framing out some short fiction to submit this year. Plans could quickly change if one of my books on sub gets a green light.

Nebula Reading List

Currently, two of my works are on SFWA (Science Fiction Writers Association)'s Nebula Reading List. I think more may be added soon.

Under J. Dianne Dotson, in the Norton category for younger audiences, is my debut YA novel, THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN, published in 2023 by Android Press (available from all booksellers). Under Jendia Gammon, for the short story category, is "Copper" published in 2023 in Issue 295 of INTERZONE Magazine.

Awards Eligibility Post

For ALL my works published in 2023 eligible for awards in science fiction, fantasy, horror, Southern fiction, women's fiction, and more, I have all listed under both pen names on my website here:

And that's what's going on in my writing world! In other works, I'm making more artwork, and commissions are open. I'm also hoping to partake in more science writing gigs this year.

Wishing you all a great week. Thank you for following along and supporting my work.

Write on!