New Story Announcement!

New Story Announcement!

I am so thrilled to announce my short story acceptance in the anthology by Air and Nothingness Press, Moving Across the Landscape in Search of an Idea. My story has an enormously long title, per the requirement (as long as a paragraph, and I'll share it with you all eventually!) and footnotes. It might also be the funniest thing I’ve ever written! I’m honored!

This book should release in August or September of 2024, so not much longer! I'll share preorder links when those go live.

This is the next anthology I was talking about. That brings it up to three anthologies this year alone, which is great, and means I don't have a publishing gap year. One anthology is science fiction and futurism, one is horror, and one is this experimental one with different genres. My story in this is science fiction and humor, and takes place in Southern Appalachia, where I'm from.

If you're a fan of dry humor and Douglas Adams, I think you'll dig my story.

Write on!