Sci-Tech News Vol. 3

Here are some interesting articles in science and technology I've found!

Sci-Tech News Vol. 3

Happy Friday!

Welcome to my third sci-tech news roundup post!

Let's dive into some really cool things I've found in science and technology news recently!

Space News

Among the many exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars rather than ours, aka Sol or the Sun) scientists find lately, each offers something unique. And given how many have been discovered so far, there must be more beyond counting. One of the latest discoveries is an Earth-sized exoplanet around an ultra-cool red star. Yes, stars have colors! Ours is a yellow star on the smaller side of things. But this star in the news is a red dwarf, smaller and cooler than its more spectacular stellar cohorts. Scientists estimate these kinds of stars are the most common in our galaxy, meaning there are quite a few of them out there. Whether most of them harbor planets remains to be seen.

The planet in question is remarkable because it is so similar in size to Earth. It does not seem to behave the way Earth does, however; its year is only seventeen hours long! Read more about this exoplanet, named SPECULOOS-3 b.

Did you see the wonderful display of auroras recently? Here's a great NASA article about the historic geomagnetic storm the sun produced.

Nature News

I have two citizen science projects that sound like fun if you enjoy animals and want to help science!

The first involves Living Sailors, a kind of jellyfish. Read about how you can help scientists learn more about these fascinating animals!

The second citizen science projects involves penguins! Read about the project and how to help.

As their favorite prey become more challenging to find, some clever sea otters are using tools of all sorts to help work open the shells of other food sources.

Archaeology News

A long-buried part of the Nile River has been uncovered, that may have helped ancient builders construct Egypt's pyramids! Read about the discovery.

Three ancient tombs, 1,800 years old, have been discovered in China.

Tech News

There are new breakthroughs in "quantum internet" research that could lead to much faster and more secure internet connections. Read about the research news here.

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