What's in a Week - Vol. 23

My first published comic, writing updates, upcoming workshop, paid subscriber Zoom meetup, and more!

Hello there! I’m sharing my past week and what I’m looking forward to this coming week!

Writing Workshop This Coming Saturday!

I’m offering an Effective Writing Techniques Workshop on Saturday, December 16. Details here:

Right after my online workshop, I’ve got a Zoom party meetup for my paying subscribers! I’ll send you all the link that morning.

Art Commissions Open!

Been a not-great week regarding my science writing job, as a huge corporate buyout of my boss’s biggest client may mean we lose the biggest contract. So I’m scrambling to find more sci-comms work. And more income. To that end, my art commissions are open. I just finished two watercolor pieces, and can do watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, and acrylic art in any subject. Inquire for more details on getting your own bespoke piece of art!

The frizz strikes back.

I Wrote a Comic!!

I’m SO excited to share my first published comic page, illustrated wonderfully by comicker P.J. Holden for his webcomic anthology, Null Space, which has some incredible writers on its roster. So I am very proud to present my dark fairytale The Blood Garnet Crown! Head here to see the comic and the script: https://www.pauljholden.com/comic/the-blood-garnet-crown/

(Sneak peek; see link for the full comic!)

Small sneak peek of Jendia Gammon’s comic, The Blood Garnet Crown, with art by P.J. Holden.

Awards Nomination Season!

I have a dedicated post for all the words of mine published in 2023 (under both names) that are eligible for awards in fantasy, horror, science fiction, indie/small press awards, children’s fiction, Southern fiction, women’s fiction, poetry, etc. It is now on my new blog!

LA Book Signing Info

It’s not on the bookstore website yet, but I do have an L.A. book signing at Barnes & Noble at The Grove Los Angeles, on January 6. More details as I get them!

On the Screen

Welcome, Fifteen!! DOCTOR WHO’s third 60th anniversary special was one for the ages, with Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaster and stealing the show UNTIL the Fifteenth Doctor showed up and just instantly CAPTIVATED. I loved everything about the episode. 15/10. No notes. Oh wow, I can’t wait for the Christmas Special and all the adventure to come!

Finished Foundation. Oh my GOD. That was an incredible season of TV, how lucky are we??? SO freaking glad it’s coming back for season 3. And did Demerzel read Day for filth or WHAT? I keep cackling over that one line from the final episode. The show is the best science fiction show on TV right now, and you NEED to watch it. Keep going…

The Gilded Age just broke my heart this week. But still, great to see the Scheming Robber Barons still up to delicious no good. And Bertha and George Russell…awful folks. but their searing love for each other is terrific.

Okay, officially a Slow Horses STAN now. I’m three eps in and gleeful there are multiple seasons. That’s my winter viewing sorted. How magnificent is Gary Oldman, and Kristen Scott Thomas just making the perfect ice queen foil to him? It’s filling the hole that Patriot left in my heart and then some. And it’s very like a John le Carré show; I’m all in for that.

On the Page

Catching up on a massive TBR pile over the holidays, which I saved for after I finished writing three novels in the past year. Whew! Time to dwell within worlds written by others.

Creative Rituals Series

I’ve got weekly posts scheduled through the rest of this year, so on Saturdays, you’ll see posts featuring authors and artists sharing their creative rituals. My latest one features author and clinical psychologist Dr. Janina Scarlet. Read the inspiring interview from this Chernobyl survivor:

My Books

If you’re new to my work, I have several options for you. Order them from your favorite booksellers!

THE QUESTRISON SAGA - Epic, science fiction & fantasy saga (Heliopause, Ephemeris, Accretion, and Luminiferous). The Questrison Saga is an epic four-book saga, spanning time and space, love and war, with aliens, robots, telepaths, immortals, monsters, and many worlds. It begins with the intimate and sometimes unsettling HELIOPAUSE, continues in the space fairytale EPHEMERIS, fractures into war in ACCRETION, and charges to an incredible and heart-wrenching showdown in LUMINIFEROUS! If you love Star Wars, Star Trek, The Fifth Element, Doctor Who, and Farscape, this is the saga for you!

THE SHADOW GALAXY: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (published by Trepidatio) - fantasy, science fiction, horror, and Appalachia tales

THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN - Young adult science fiction and fantasy adventure; Lunarpunk themes. Published by Android Press.

Geeky Gift Guide

If you missed it, I have a geeky gift guide for you to peruse and shop from!

Personalized Books for U.S. Purchase

I have 8 copies remaining of my personal, available stock for The Shadow Galaxy: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry, which I can personalize, sign, and ship to you. Shipping is included in the cost. For that reason, I can only ship within the U.S. I cannot guarantee you’ll get a copy by Christmas, so the sooner you order, the better. Thank you for your business!

Writing Update

I recently finished my latest novel, the campy horror dramedy. A beta reader who’s halfway finished says “it’s fabulous!” She enjoys the dynamic between the main character and their enemy-to-lover scenario, and I’m telling her to buckle up as the true horrors await and the blistering final act…can’t wait for her to get to that. I’m sending the final draft to my agent within a week or two, after I get all of my beta reader’s feedback. (Gareth also read it and says it’s “a banger”.) Having read back through the manuscript yesterday, I think I hit it outta the park. I love these characters.

I said I wouldn’t write anything else until I had some book news or could jump in the new year into my next novel (a space opera), but you know me. I started writing a cozy, cottage-core tale with magical realism, AND a cosmic horror short story. Yep, that’s me, being a chaotic genre writer. Day ending in “Y.”

The Week Ahead

It’s starting to feel more festive, and as such I have some holiday shopping to do. Also working on my science writing gig, and getting out for walks during the daytime as much as I can. Looking very much forward to both the writing workshop and the monthly paying subscriber Zoom call. Also I’ll be diving back into Cafe Advent, in which I visit a new cafe throughout Los Angeles and report back!

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead. Thanks so much for following along.

Write on!