What's in a Week - Vol. 25

Out and about, what I watched, what my 2024 writing goals are, and more!

What's in a Week - Vol. 25

And we're BACK! Back to weekly updates. Here's what happened this past week, and what's in the week ahead.


I'm out and about getting to know Los Angeles better, as time permits. This weekend, I explored the North Avenue 56 stretch of the Highland Park neighborhood, a great area with so many fab places to visit...these are just a few!

I tend to share my explorations on my Instagram, if you want to follow along.

Social Media Update

I'm, bizarrely, getting a lot of traction on the new social media platform Threads, which is wild to me. I'm not verified, I have no major book hits, and yet here we are. It's a trip. So if you're on Threads, follow me there. I am also on BlueSky, the aforementioned Instagram, and while less prevalent these days, still poking around the carcass of X/Twitter. I do have a Facebook page but am not very active there. But Threads has been a great social media home for me, and that's where I'm investing most of my time.

Meanwhile, I'm building out my YouTube channel and hoping for more subscribers under my new pen name! Please subscribe!

And finally, I have a hit post (sort of) on TikTok, which is a good one that introduces my writing and art.

All other social media links can be found on the footer of my website!

Bookmarks for Sale! Art Commissions Open!

I'm making bookmarks and selling them in my Ko-Fi shop if you'd like to buy one/some! Head HERE to see my shop.

My art commissions are open. I recently finished two watercolor pieces, and can do watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, and acrylic art in any subject. I've painted portraits, pet art, comic book characters, spaceships, and more. Inquire for more details on getting your own bespoke piece of art!

Awards Nomination Season!

I have a dedicated post for all the words of mine published in 2023 (under both names) that are eligible for awards in fantasy, horror, science fiction, indie/small press awards, children’s fiction, Southern fiction, women’s fiction, poetry, etc. It is now on my new blog!

On the Screen

Just wrapped up watching the first season of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters on Apple TV+! While occasionally maudlin, and in my opinion needing 80% more monsters (but special effects budgets, I know, I know...), it was a pretty good show. And how great to see Kurt Russell on screen again!

On the Page

Currently I'm listening to some audiobooks, including Slow Horses (since I loved the show) by Mick Herron and Priest of Lies by Peter McLean. This is the second in McLean's "War for the Rose Throne" series, and I really loved the first one, Priest of Bones, so I'm glad to be back in this grimdark world with its antihero main character, Tomas Piety.

Priest of Lies Audiobook By Peter McLean cover art

Creative Rituals Series

I’m moving the Creative Rituals interview posts to my blog! Please head there. I'll be migrating them over time, so bear with me. I have some AMAZING writers and designers coming up soon.

My Books

If you’re new to my work, I have several options for you. Order them from your favorite booksellers!

THE QUESTRISON SAGA - Epic, science fiction & fantasy saga (Heliopause, Ephemeris, Accretion, and Luminiferous). The Questrison Saga is an epic four-book saga, spanning time and space, love and war, with aliens, robots, telepaths, immortals, monsters, and many worlds. It begins with the intimate and sometimes unsettling HELIOPAUSE, continues in the space fairytale EPHEMERIS, fractures into war in ACCRETION, and charges to an incredible and heart-wrenching showdown in LUMINIFEROUS! If you love Star Wars, Star Trek, The Fifth Element, Doctor Who, and Farscape, this is the saga for you!

THE SHADOW GALAXY: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry (published by Trepidatio) - fantasy, science fiction, horror, and Appalachia tales

THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN - Young adult science fiction and fantasy adventure; Lunarpunk themes. Published by Android Press.

Personalized Books for U.S. Purchase

I have 7 copies remaining of my personal, available stock for The Shadow Galaxy: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry, which I can personalize, sign, and ship to you. Shipping is included in the cost. For that reason, I can only ship within the U.S. as international shipping has become prohibitive.

Writing Update

This past December, I finished my campy horror novel! It is going out on submission ("on sub") in February to publishers. We still have my creepy, X-Files-like speculative thriller on sub as well, so I'm very excited. And the dragon book is still available, so I'm hoping someone snaps it up this year, in the Year of the Dragon! Wouldn't that be cool?

What's next? I'm writing a space opera book that will be saucy and fun. And there will be some wink-winks to The Questrison Saga!

I've been writing and submitting short stories in fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I soon will have some news to report on those!

And I'm going through my immense list of IP to spin the wheel and see what might be the book I write after the space opera. Stay tuned!

The Week Ahead (and Beyond!)

This coming week, I've got some science writing deadlines, working on my latest book, and a call with my web design folks over various design projects. I'll be writing more short stories to send out across multiple genres as well.

Heads-up that on Thursday, January 25, I'll be in an online panel you can watch for TBRCon 2024! Head to the website for more details. Look at that lineup! More on this next week.

Wishing you all a great week ahead! Thank you for following and supporting my work.

Write on!