What's in a Week - Vol. 28

Fun news, short story updates, novel updates, what I watched, what I'm writing, etc...

What's in a Week - Vol. 28
Before the rain.

Fun news, short story updates, novel updates, what I watched, what I'm writing, etc...

HUGO Recommendation!

The Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together blog has recommended my young adult science fiction and fantasy adventure, THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN, for the Lodestar Award. This is the first time any of my works has EVER been recommended for a Hugo Award (or Hugo-related, as far as the Lodestar is). The Hugo Award is considered the ultimate award in science fiction and fantasy literature. The novel IS eligible for the actual Hugo Award for Best Novel, FYI, as well as the Lodestar. Read more here! https://jendia-gammon.ghost.io/awesome-news/

Hugo Award Nomination Time

Speaking of the Hugos, if you're a voting member, the nominations are open. I have works eligible for the Hugo Awards under both my pen names! They are:


THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN by J. Dianne Dotson (Eligible for Best Novel and Lodestar Award) - Young Adult; Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Climate Fiction. Published by Android Press, October 2023.

Short Fiction:

“Copper” by Jendia Gammon in INTERZONE issue 295 (Best Short Fiction)

Note that "Copper" and THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN are also longlisted for the BSFW Awards and are on the Nebula Awards (SFWA) reading list! For short fiction and the Norton younger readers award, respectively.

"Falling Upward into Starlight” by Jendia Gammon; Flash Fiction Short Story; Fantasy. Published by Queer Sci-Fi in the RISE anthology, October 2023.

“A Swirl of Leaves and Sand,” by Jendia Gammon; Short Story; Fantasy/Magical Realism. Published by Seaside Gothic, October 2023

“Opal World Frolic” by Jendia Gammon; Short Story; Science Fiction. Published by Third Flatiron in the Rhapsody of the Spheres anthology, August 2023.

“The Tower and the Raven,” by J. Dianne Dotson; Short Story; Fantasy. Published by Lazy Wolf Studios in Tales from Stolki’s Hall: A Thrones & Bones Anthology, September 2023.

“Midnight Serenade” by J. Dianne Dotson; Short Story; Science Fiction, Fantasy, Climate Fiction. Young Adult. Published by Solarpunk Magazine, January/February 2023.

Note: "Midnight Serenade" under my pen name J. Dianne Dotson makes me eligible for the Astounding Award for a new/upcoming writer (traditional publishing)!

Cover Art

The cover art of THE INN AT THE AMETHYST LANTERN is sublime, and its artist, Kim Herbst would be a wonderful nominee for that category! Behold:

If you are a voting member of the Hugo awards, I would love your nomination(s)! Everything is also listed here on my new blog!

BSFA Nominations

I'm also longlisted for the BSFA Awards and would love for members to vote for my eligible works off that list!

On the Screen

The third episode of TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY on Max (aka HBO), starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, added more layers to the characters' backstory, but then took a truly horrific turn. LOVED it. Can't wait for tonight's episode! I think I know where it's going, but I am excited to see how they get there.

Meanwhile, I've been watching the UK version of the comedy GHOSTS and absolutely guffawing. It's about a couple who move into the wife's ramshackle ancestral house, and she--and only she--can see the ghosts from all eras that haunt the property. They interact with her and each other, cause a great deal of hijinks, but are also endearing. Of course, the husband cannot see them...Each episode is short and all the characters are completely dysfunctional and hilarious. Highly recommend! If you are in the U.S., you can stream it on Paramount Plus.

On the Page

Lately I'm listening to Andy Serkis narrating The Lord of the Rings audiobooks, and he is spectactular. He mimics the voices of the actors from the films! Terrific stuff. In Fellowship, the scene with Gandalf on the bridge in Moria was astoundingly presented by Serkis; I had chills for at least 15 minutes. I just started The Two Towers.

As someone who has read the series multiple times over the decades, seen the movie, etc., it's amazing how riveting it still is, and particularly with Serkis narrating. Masterpiece. Start with The Hobbit though. It's marvelous.

Writing Update

I've written many short stories lately, and I have some acceptances and contracts related to some of them. Read about my short story news!

Currently, I'm pivoting among three novels: a space opera adventure, a fantasy (with romantasy leanings; whether it ends up being that, I'm not sure, but I'm definitely layering the world-building and signature uncanny vibe you can expect from me).

I've also got a cozy romantic mystery set in the Northwest on the back burner.

I await news on books on submission, and if anything moves forward there, I will share when the time is right.

The Week Ahead

I have a science writing work deadline this week, and other than that and book writing, I have art commission work (I'm currently painting a battle scene between the U.S.S. Enterprise and the U.S.S. Reliant from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; commissions are OPEN).

Write on!